Bed bugs are brown in brown in red, they are oval and flat, and approximately 1 to 5 mm (1/16 “to 3/16") in size. Bed insects are closely related to the bed and surrounding objects such as the headboard and end tables. The bat bug is similar to that seen in the bedbug, but there is a huge amount of seta on the frying and is very different in the favorite place. Upon taking the egg, the nymph is the color of a parasite meat which makes it difficult to see until its first blood meal is obtained – at that time it is easily seen due to red blood.

Hide the bed bug during cracks and cracks during the day. Their main port areas are box springs, mattresses and bed frames. At night it feeds on its host, which is usually a human but birds and pets can be included in it, where food and heat are present.

A female bed bug can accumulate 1 to 5 eggs per day and in total 300-500 eggs in its lifetime. Their eggs are 1 mm long and slightly bent. They are often stored in groups and attached to cracks, crevices or thick surfaces near adult dwellings. The female bed bug produces a clear, sticky substance that it uses to attach each egg to the chosen surface. Egg intake in 7 to 12 days depending on the circumstances One nymph bed bug has 5 steps before reaching full maturity – Bloody food is required in each stage. This process takes about 4 weeks

The typical focal areas of infestation should be inspected for visual inspection of bed mattresses, dizziness and lenses. When bloodlocks or actual bedbugs are present, immediate action should be taken. A systematic approach should be taken to identify all existing and potential bedbug harbor sites and their treatment is enough to gain control.

In the area of GTA, especially in Canada, bed bugs have been a major problem for some years, the bed bug problem is showing in single family homes, condo apartments, rental properties and student living facilities

In recent times the hospitality industry has also been hit heavy with the problem of bed-bug. Bed-bug is a troublesome insect that is not easy to control at some time, causing large financial losses and eliminating the business with valuable scam. We are special trains to combat the problem of cost effectively.

With our deep experience and wide range of services, we assure that the problems related to insect will be managed promptly, efficiently and responsibly, with minimal interruption for your convenience. Bed bugs are found mainly in mattresses, walls and furniture and can last for up to one year without food. Although bed bugs are not considered a health hazard because they can not take disease, cutting, associated costs and mental stress due to these insects.

Women keep their eggs in secluded areas. Eggs are small, white, and difficult to look (size of the size of the dust) and they take two weeks. A treatment is not enough to break the egg cycle, two treatments are done in a period of two weeks, the method used by most pest control companies is becoming more and more in the process of dealing with bed bugs.

Bed bug treatment included:

  • Provide our special preparation details for quality and effective treatment
  • Scene wide inspection
  • Identify the level of problem
  • Vacuum
  • Steam
  • Spear Chemical
  • Dust
  • Offer bed bug proof certified safety and mattress covers
  • Detailed consultation and satisfactory reply to all your questions with the above treatment.
  • Committed to providing the best customer service with 100% guaranteed service