American Roach

American adult Rochees can be around 50mm length. Adults can be separated from their red-brown or mahogany colors and the area behind their head is surrounded by yellow bands. Both adult men and women are able to fly.

American cockroaches will enter homes to find water or food. If the weather gets damaged, they can easily go under the door. Basement windows and garages are also common entrance points. Inside the house, American cockroaches often take shelter in baths, garbage disposal, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements.

The diet of an American cockroach is huge. Paneer, beer, book binding, stools, decaying plants and animals, and even anything else on dirty clothes – they will do anything.

American cockroaches are capable of spreading harmful diseases and contaminating food. They can pick up germs on their feet and body because they crawl with decay or sewage and then transfer these microbes into food and clean surfaces.

American cockroaches have three developmental stages: eggs, nymphs, and adult female American cockroaches hold their eggs in protective capsules, each capsule which contains approximately 16 eggs With a lot of food, American cockroaches can grow from apesara to adult in less than six months.

Brown Banded Roach

Brown tied cockroaches are light brown and can be 11 to 14.5 millimeters in length. These roaches have light tan bands that are present with adults' wings and body of youth. Adult men are able to fly

In dry and very hot areas, these cockroaches are preferably higher than nests and most other roc species. The favorite living areas have roofs, etx, collasets and pantry, wall decoration or loose wallpaper inside or around major equipment and around. While primarily at night, they are found in search of food during the day.

While brown-banded cockroaches have a high starch content, such as book binding or stamps, they are preferable because they are scanners, they will eat anything

Brown-banded cockroaches are many health risks, these rochets have been found to transmit 30 types of harmful bacteria through their feet and bodies, which then transmit food and food on surfaces.

Women produce about 14 egg capsules, each containing 10 to 18 eggs. The time required for the youth to reach maturity depends very much on environmental conditions. The ideal situation can be fully developed within three months.

Prevention starts with good hygiene practices, clean the food spread immediately, keep the food in the refrigerator or tightly sealed containers, often vacuum and eliminate dislocation around the house.

German Cockroach

The German cockroach (blatella geronicica) is a small species, which is about 1.6 cm (0.63 in) long, in length of about 1.3 cm (0.51 in); However, they are known to be slightly larger, it can be almost black tone with brown, and there are two black parallel pores in the head, depending on the wings. Although it has wings, it is unable to maintain the flight German cockroach is one of the most common and major domestic cockroaches in the world, and can be found in many human settlements..

These insects relate specifically to restaurants, food processing facilities, hotel and nursing homes, apartment buildings, residential houses, just about anywhere. In colder climates, they are found only with human habitation, because they are not very tolerant for cold. Although German cockroaches have been found in Alerts in Nunavut in the north. German cockroach is basically from Asia, it is closely related to Asian cockroaches, and is almost like casual supervisors and may be wrong for others

This cockroach can be seen occasionally in the day, especially if there is a large population or if they become disturbed, then the situation of seeing the evening is most active at night. This type of cockroach can be encouraging or frightening when an unpleasant odor can be emitted.

Oriental Roach

Oriental cockroaches, also known as water bugs, shade lamps or black beetles, are bright, dark brown. Small adult male oriental cockroaches are only 25 mm in length, while older adult women can reach a length of 32 mm. Neither the penis is able to fly.

An outdoor species by nature, they are known to infest homes when extreme weather situations occur, such as excessive heat, cold or wind. Oriental cockroaches most frequently gain entry to homes under door or window jams, gaps beneath siding and through plumbing. Since they prefer cool, damp environments they tend to locate in basements.

While these roaches can survive for a month without food, they will die within two weeks without water. They are a dirty species, feeding on garbage, decaying plants and animals. Their dietary preference causes cockroaches to be a source of numerous food-borne pathogens, which they can carry on their legs and bodies and then transmit onto clean surfaces.

A single female roach can produce approximately eight egg cases, with about 16 eggs per case. The growth of a cockroach is directly influenced by the season. The warmer the weather, the faster the growth, but it can take upwards of six to twelve months for the eggs to become adults.

Wood Cockroach

Wooden cockroaches, also known as Pennsylvania wooden ropes, pine worms, cedar worms, are usually outdoor / indoor living insects which are native to North America and are found in Ontario. Their normal habitat is the moisture woodland area, but they often become a home / cottage nuisance insect in the country of Ontario Cottage, which are especially located in the Georgian Bay, Mascokacca, the lake of lakes, and anywhere in the cottage country of Ontario.

Wood Roach is very similar in the presence of a common domestic cockroach called American Roach; Flat, oval body, long antenna, barbed foot, chestnut brown color, wood rochees are small, about 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches long, and adults, especially men, due to the color of their wings Tone appear. Adults and large nipples of wood rocae can be recognized on the outer edge of the chest by a yellow, creamy, white or transparent stripe. The light edge on the first 1/3 of the wings in front of the adults is spread; the positive identities of small numbers are more difficult and usually require a microscopic examination.

The timber's timepieces are not hidden; Like their cousins and they are both active during day and night, and when they come in contact, they wander at least in sight. Apart from this, they will keep roaming about the house without organizing it in a particular place.

Males are attracted to light in the night and the porch limits light use until late May in July, when men are flying can have some benefits. Exterior and internal treatments with windows and doors around and with the foundation and proper crack and crack treatment will help reduce the number of wooden ceilings. Some trapping has proven successful in many cases.