Interest is a famous pest; both folklores and surviving encounters are the earwigs to crawl in the ears of eerie people, there is a respected timid insect in superstitions, which is for the sole purpose of entering the brain or putting eggs as abominable as this sound And terrible, there is no truth on this, or scientific support.

Earlywood outdoor worms usually meet damp wet, dead leaves, logs, and wooden piles, boards, stones and other debris or woods, where they eat on moist, decaying plant substances. Earwigs sometimes attack live plants, which include vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

In Ontario, especially beginning from mid-June to early October, Earlwood is relatively easy to recognize by the major tongs or forceps on the end of the stomach. These tongs are used as both attack and defensive weapons. Although they can get caught and handled if they try to pinch, they do not harm people. Common hearings are about 1.5 to 2 centimeter long, and with dark brown brown and light yellow-brown legs are red . Females are straight on female males, whereas men's pupil's pencils are more curved and are caliper-like.

Earwigs either demand accidents or shelter in homes and structures, especially in the summer and fall or people who come inside the house for long periods of dry season, there is no loss or destruction of people or structures. . They are just an annoyance and fuss because of their presence.