The sounds of roaming and scratching the walls of your house in the night, the chewing or chewing, or the symptoms of damaged food packages can mean that you have deodorant of rats or mice. Other symptoms include drops and urine, bills or blue walls. Rocks around or around the hole, or dust surface. The best way to get rid of mice is to get rid of the problem immediately to avoid a serious nuisance.

In the house mouse there are large ears and light brown, which is dark brown with light color on its stomach. It is often found in urban areas, the deer's shredder is with a white stomach and leg of brown or brown color. White color at the bottom of the tail is an easy way to place a deer mouse. It can attack buildings near forests and forests in the fall.

Mice are known as common insects in North America, they are soon re-emerging as mature baby rats for adults.

These woodland mammals are small in size and prefer habitats living in wild areas where they can hide in underbrush, tall grass or shrubs. Mice eat several times a day and they are omnipresent, they eat nuts, seeds, fruits and insects.

Rats like wild areas, they often take shelter and attack buildings, homes, warehouses, factories, burns and even dog houses. When they attack houses and buildings, food becomes contaminated and property damage is often due to their stomach, elevation, chewing and biting tendencies. Mice will consume human food (prepared or garbage) and will often chew through plastic, books and drywalls. Mouse defection and urine are due to serious health hazards for humans because they contaminate the surfaces in living areas with which they come in contact.

In Canada, the most common mice are insect domestic mouse and deer mouse.

Both the home mouse and the deer mouse have big ears and the average is 15cm to 17 cm long. Although both colors are usually brown or gray, the mouse of the house gets a light color in the lower side of its body, while the deer's mouse is under the white belt and the tail. The feet of deer mice are given white color, which is different from the colors of the pink color of the house mouse. The biggest difference between the two rats is the length of the tail. The tail of the house is twice the length of the body of the mouse's length, while the tail of the deer is usually the body length of half-part. Are there. Life cycle ranging from eggs to adult usually takes three weeks.