There are thousands of insect species, all vary in size, shape and color. Kites are related to insect-shaped Lepidoptera, made of both moths and butterflies.

Kites have a tendency to be close to food sources; Most adult kites feed on nectar and juice, while larvae are destructive feeders, stored food items, clothes and even museums are also eatable.

The length of time for larvae to change in adults depends on species, diet and environmental factors. In most cases, it can take one to two months

Kites usually fly through open doors or windows, enter the house and unwittingly wear afflicted food items, afflicted plants, afflicted clothing and clothes.

Clothes Moth

Cloth kite fur is famous for damaging silk, felt, leather, wool, wings, fleece fabrics, coats, blankets, pillows, carpets, carpets, decorative items, upholstered furniture, toys and animal trophies.

While finding trousers of adult clothes in your home or business is a matter of concern, clothing kites are not suitable for adults so they do not harm the clothing or the material. However, adults produce eggs that are in the clothes-larvae.

There are two types of cloth kites – clothing kites (tinola bisealelega) and cloth making kits (tinea pelonilla). If you have a clothing kite for which professional treatment is required, then knowing the clothing kite will help ensure that your abuse is correct.

Indian Meal Moth

Indian food insect is a very common domestic insect, which is the most harmful in its lavat phase. These kites are common in grains, stores and warehouses, and often through processed foods they search for their way into homes and businesses.

They can be born year round, and their life cycles (from eggs to adult) can be reduced to 25 days

Specific 1/2-inch tall adults are easily identified by yellow-gray and copper-brown wings. Their larvae look like a wingless white, pink or green caterpillar.

Indian food kites often contain eggs in thick dough and corn food. They will be horrifying and feeding on dry fruit, powder milk, chocolate, flour, food, dry dog ​​food, bird seeds and adhesive paste for wood. Indrayal food insect larvae attack and biro, which they make acidic, make them incomparable in the subtle seeds, starch, cereals and snacks on the eggs. They contaminate the accumulated products through emission-filled skinned webbing, and shed the skin.

Any afflicted food items should be immediately discarded.